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From: Belay, Dinsry, Sibilu @ Trent

Every child deserves to be raised in the loving care of parents. It is, however, the case that children lose their parents for different reasons or parents face challenges that limit their capacity to raise children properly. In such situations, children become primarily disadvantaged. The situation progressively deteriorates and children are separated from their family members and lead life on the street. In some cases, they may lose their life due to the hardships they pass through.

While children are primary victims when they live in difficult circumstances, the community and nation they belong to also becomes disadvantaged in the long-run. Ethiopia is home to millions of orphan and vulnerable children. The problem of orphans is multi-faceted and calls for concerted effort of multiple organizations. While we continue to see encouraging local responses to the plight of children, there is more to do given the magnitude of the need of orphan and vulnerable children.

The summit will bring together all the sectors; families, NGOs, business, churches, government, child welfare practitioners and other interested individuals in a bid to deliberate and consult on ways to increase the growth and impact of family-based services to the orphan and vulnerable children of Ethiopia. The Summit will discuss ways to expand existing good practices and encourage people for meaningful action to address the need of orphans.

We believe your attendance brings valuable input to the summit and enable you to acquire new knowledge and skills to serve orphan and vulnerable children better.

Here is a look into what breakout sessions that will happen each day and you can see how your life, family and life purpose can be impacted.

Day 1 Breakout sessions

1) Violence against children I (Trauma and attachment)

2) Debo Vision sharing

3) Foster -to- adopt

4) Viewing the vulnerable through a different Lens

5) Mentoring

6) Serving children with special needs I

7) Church mobilization Skill Based

8) Family empowerment and preservation

Day 2 Breakout sessions

1) Mentoring 2

2) Business and social responsibility

3) Volunteering in Ethiopia

4) Violence against children II (Trauma and attachment)

5) The role of media- use your voice

6) Care Leavers- Health Phase Outs

7) Family empowerment and preservation

8) Serve children with special needs II

We can’t wait to see you there! Register Below

April 23 & 24 2019

IEC Church Addis Ababa 


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