The Name DEBO

The word “Debo” is an Ethiopian Oromiffa word used when a group of people work in collaboration to achieve a common goal. For example, the word is used when farmers form a collaboration to work together during harvest season. Some of the farmers in the Debo will do the cutting, some the threshing and some winnowing, and the job gets done in a very efficient way.

DEBO (Defend Every Beloved Orphan) is an effort to create a collaboration among local and international organizations to better serve the orphan and vulnerable children of Ethiopia and curb the escalating problem.


Why Collaborate

Commitment to best practice: organizations could all strive towards an agreeable best practice if they can form consensus around that through meaningful alliance. Sub-standard services to children and their families could significantly diminish by forming an alliance that upholds best practices.

Maximized impact: impact measured both on the qualitative and quantitative outcomes could be increased thorough collaboration. It enables organizations reach optimal results by efficiently using their resources when they work together.

Develop a national agenda: common visions and targets allow like-minded organizations to mobilize resources and efforts around activities that seek to meet national goals and targets allowing these organizations to achieve broader results that impact generations. Alliances provide platforms to discuss and design such national agenda.



The general objective of the DEBO is to establish and maintain enhanced partnership, coordination, and alignment among local and international organizations currently working with orphan and vulnerable children.

·      Enhance a strong collaboration and commitment among local and international organizations to address the needs of orphan and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

·      Undertake service mapping of all child welfare organizations in Ethiopia and document for reference and coordination 

·      Share best practices in alternative childcare regarding opportunities for service for local and international organizations.

·      Build a common understanding of the causes and consequences of orphan hood and vulnerability of children in need and seek ways to address the root causes.

·      Create a centralized information source (hub) for interested parties aspiring to involve in child welfare services in Ethiopia.

·      Conduct regular seminars and/or workshops/summits to raise awareness and promote current best practices 

·      Facilitate ways of enhanced and better partnership with the global community to better serve children and families.

·      Conduct research to gather current information (data) to shade light on some of the social ills in the society that affects children such as abortion, child trafficking, child abuse, child prostitution and suggest local solutions to solve these social ills


Core Values






Commitment to Each Other


Founding Members


Bethany Global

   Bethany  partners with local organizations and churches in a variety of ways to serve orphans, vulnerable children, and families in need. Our family preservation and family strengthening programs help prevent parents from abandoning or relinquishing their children to institutional care. Our in-country foster care program is designed to help remove children from orphanages and place them with loving foster families, who may eventually adopt them. We are committed to providing a continuum of care for Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children.

MYM Logo.jpg

Make Your Mark International

  Everyday children living in the streets face horrific challenges such as; living in fear of physical and sexual abuse; hunger, bugs covering their body, life threaten sicknesses and loneliness. Make Your Mark is reaching out to these vulnerable children and creating safe environments of love, encouragement, training, discipleship and life rehabilitation in order to tap into the great potential that is inside of each child.

Hope4F Logo.jpg

Hope for the fatherless

Hope for the Fatherless focuses on giving intensive love, care and high quality educational opportunities to orphan and vulnerable children. This vision was conceived after observing the living conditions of needy children who live in destitution or orphanages, and recognizing their learning abilities. It is believed that if today’s children are well educated, trained, and mentored they will become a generation of tomorrow’s great citizens and leaders.